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The big real estate marketing blitz

Diary of a Real Estate Rookie

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Why does vacation have to be over? That doesn't make any sense. Trying to get myself in the swing for a big fall marketing blitz. I bought my first mailing list -- 200 names in the micro-neighborhoods where I like to work. I have been operating my business by contacting friends and getting referrals from friends, but I think it is time to expand my brand a little, and a targeted mailing seems simpler than spending big money on a big print ad. The last time I did a direct mailing, I got a 1 percent response rate, which the advertising pros I consulted with told me was quite good. So I am trying to think: What letter or postcard is going to grab those two people in that 200-person haystack? And when, exactly, am I going to find time to compose it and send it out? I know that there are services that do this for you but I like to play with my own materials: my own "creative," as they say in the ad business. That's a lot of fun until you start to begrudge every hour ...