Worries mount when renting to minor

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Q: My daughter turns 18 in a couple of months. We found an apartment in the town where she'll attend school, and I am offering to be on the lease as a guarantor. But the agent is having a fit because my daughter is a minor. Can you suggest any way around it? I even told the guy I'd pay for the place and not have her move in until she's 18. --Cynthia K. A: Not all teenagers are savvy enough to understand what it means to sign a contract or are responsible enough to live up to the obligations that come with signing on the dotted line. To protect both the minor and the person on the other end of the deal, most states don't let minors enter into contracts concerning real estate unless they are married, in the military, or legally "emancipated" (declared an adult) by court order. The law assumes that minors who fit into one of these exceptions are (or should be) responsible enough to appreciate the consequences of entering into various contracts. If a minor who doesn'...