Condo owners disagree on dry rot repair

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DEAR BENNY: I own a condo in a two-unit building. We have always split all common expenses 50/50 per our legal documents. Recently we discovered a leak in the common garage, and have established the cause and are embarking on repairs. This leak also caused dry rot in some of the hardwood floors in my unit. I considered this to be a common expense and expected the entire cost of the repairs to be divided 50/50. The other owner disagrees and claims that because the damage is in the interior of my unit I must bear the cost of those repairs myself. Your advice will be most helpful. --Sherry DEAR SHERRY: This is perhaps one of the most controversial issues in community association law. My first question: Have you filed a claim with the association's insurance carrier (called the "master policy")? If not, you should do so immediately, although many policies require that if claims are not filed within 30 days from the date of discovery, the insurance company will reject...