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How would you fix the housing market?

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These are trying times for the housing market and overall economy, with bank collapses, massive buyouts, the federal takeover of secondary mortgage market mainstays Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and global financial market maneuvering casting long shadows across the real estate industry. The phrase "financial panic" has wriggled into the heap of dire news. There is a chorus of discordant voices amid the turmoil and uncertainty, talking about the various bends, breaks and flaws in the financial works and how to repair them. The dominoes are still falling, with inevitable impacts on the housing market. Inman News would like to hear your thoughts: How would you fix the housing market? Share with us your insights and strategies on how to repair the damage that's already been done and right the ship for a real estate recovery. Feel free to comment below or click here to send e-mail comments to the editor.*** What's your opinion? Leave your comments below or send a lett...