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Office space and the ‘floor time’ continuum

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In some real estate offices they have "floor time": Agents sit in the office and answer phone calls from consumers who want information about for-sale homes. I think floor time is a good idea, but it may need a few tweaks. In the Twin Cities area the bigger brokerages have closed some of their offices and combined offices to cut costs. Most agents choose offices that are close to home, but with fewer offices to choose from some will have to go further. I don't have time to drive to my office, as there is no fast and easy way to get there. I need to spend my time working and there doesn't seem to be much of a point to drive somewhere when I have everything I need in my well-appointed home office. Being a Realtor is not about having a desk. Yet some floor time would be nice. I used to get three transactions a year by being available for floor time twice a month. These days one-third of the time I would expend for floor time would be spent in my car. Seems like an eas...