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‘I will NOT reduce my fee’

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Editor's note: The following is a reader comment made on the Sept. 26 Inman News column, "Premium service deserves premium pay." "I will NOT reduce my fee. In fact, I will not even negotiate fees. My fee is my fee. I know the value that I bring to a transaction and if a consumer is smart enough to understand that experience costs, they don't even ask. "I often receive calls from consumers who want to negotiate my fee even before discussing their representation needs. They want to negotiate the fee before I even tell them what my fee will be for their transaction needs. "When presented with a complicated real estate transaction where the risk is higher than normal, or the transaction will require a higher level of brokerage services, my fee can be 1-2 percent higher than usual. If the consumer realizes that they need experience, they will pay it. If not, they don't get my services. Experience pays." --Lenn Harley *** What's your opinion? L...