Can whistleblowing rental manager be fired?

Rent it Right

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Q: I am a tenant and also the manager for our apartment building. I've just been fired from the manager's job, and given a termination notice, too. Here's what happened: The owner has been refurbishing rental units as they come vacant, having our maintenance crew rip up old floors and repaint. The building is old and I'm certain that the guys are dealing with lead paint and asbestos floor tiles. The owner told me to shut up about it, and for a while I did. But my conscience got the better of me, and I called the local health department, who sent an inspector over. The upshot was that OSHA got involved and the owner was told to do the job right, but the first thing he did was fire me and hand me a 30-day notice to leave. Do I have any rights? --Rex B. A: When renovation involves disturbing lead paint and asbestos, owners need to follow federal guidelines and laws that dictate how such jobs must be handled (some states impose additional requirements, too). These rules aim to...