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Future virtual tours will tag the real world

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At the recent TechCrunch50 event, Japanese company TonchiDot demoed its new iPhone application called Sekai Camera to wild enthusiasm. TonchiDot's idea is to use the iPhone camera and location awareness as a mobile information interface. Using the Sekai Camera application, you can tag real-world locations and simultaneously view the tags shared by other users -- TonchiDot calls it "Air Tagging." It's a heady concept and to really understand how it works, you need to watch this video: I love their slogan that "Real space is the new interface to the Internet." Kind of mind-blowing when you think about it. And it brings up obvious applications for real estate. Imagine a real-world property tour (boots on the ground, walking through a home) where you could instaneously access Zestimates or property data, read individual tags on the features in a room, or listen to audio clips describing the amenities through the Sekai Camera terminal. I...