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Opportunity Street is still knocking

Perspective: Blame game is a losing proposition

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The news just keeps on flowing -- and almost all of it bad. In real estate, as in financial markets, there are always the people and companies that focus on the other side of bad news: I'll call it the "Street of Opportunity." If you sit and listen to the commentary on the current financial crisis, 98 percent of the information flowing is about why it happened and who is to blame. The funny thing about the "why" and "who" conversation is that there are hundreds of different opinions. Many of these opinions emerge from very smart analysts and commentators. This is the same group of very smart business leaders who drove their companies right out of business. If we have learned anything from this crisis it's that you do not have to be dumb to lose lots of money. While there are hundreds of different opinions on why this happened and a vast number of people, firms, institutions and government agencies to blame, no one on this so-called Street of Op...