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The hard truth about the hard sell

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The hard sell doesn't work with me and it hasn't for a long time. These days I am feeling harassed as the articles I write on the Internet attract salespeople of all stripes. The relentless sales pitches clog my e-mail accounts, tie up my cell phone and pollute my Twitter stream. Last week I had to block a vendor who is following me on Twitter. He started pitching his product to me a couple of times a day and managed to get on my last nerve. I used to try to be nice to people, but nice doesn't come easy so I gave up trying. The more aggressive the salespeople get, the more effort I put into blocking them. The challenge in my effort to defend my business from the electronic advertising onslaught is not blocking those who I want to contact me. How do you sell products to someone like me? A phone call isn't the answer. If I answer at all, most salespeople don't get more than 10 words before I hang up. So far, few have been able to make those 10 words compelling enough to keep ...