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Fixing the housing market

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Editor's note: The following is a collection of real estate professionals' responses to a real estate-related question. QUESTION: What is the best approach to fixing the housing market, in your opinion? And what is the wrong approach? Dan Melson, Realtor and loan officer Clarion Mortgage Capital Clarity Real Estate Network San Diego, Calif.1) Keep the underwriting sane and balanced, neither nonexistent as it had been nor completely paranoid like it appears to be headed for.2) Expand FHA Secure. This was probably what the government should have done in the first place. Keep debt-to-income ratio, but drastically reduce the importance of loan-to-value ratio, and enforce a levy upon lenders whose loans need an FHA Secure refinance to pay for the shortfalls of the program. This eliminates the emergency panic sale, which is the hallmark of the current market, allowing many people to have no choice but a short sale. By not flooding the market with distress sales, it also keeps...