Defects revealed after $1.5 million deal

Buyers face uphill battle proving seller hid problems

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DEAR BENNY: We bought a second home a year ago where we've spent very little time (a few days here and there) until recently. We recently discovered a number of problems including an inadequate radiant floor heating system -- we can't get heat past 60 when its 30 or below outside (this alone may cost $25,000 to fix (seller says he never had a problem); the cooktop vent exhausts indoors in violation of manufacturer specs; the window wall is bowing, and window cracking indicates a load-bearing structural issue; and leaks are visible at almost every rafter-to-wall seam ... we can see outside! What are our rights in this situation? We paid $1.5 million for this 2,200-square-foot home. --Vikki DEAR VIKKI: You paid a lot of money and noted that you had an inspection. Did you see the house yourself before you bought it? Have you discussed the situation with your home inspector? He may have some culpability if he missed all of those things. The seller claims that he never had any o...