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Ugly listings bad for business

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I recently had lunch with a past client, and we had an interesting conversation about Realtors and real estate companies. Like most consumers, my lunch date believes that real estate companies sell real estate. I set him straight on that by explaining that real estate companies do not sell any real estate at all. The agents, who are independent contractors, go out and find people who want to buy or sell houses. We do all the work and incur most of the expense. The reason I had to set him straight on this is that I mentioned the name of a real estate company and he had a negative reaction to it. I asked him to tell me more. He said that company has signs up in his neighborhood on the worst homes he has ever seen and that the agents don't seem interested in marketing the homes. What my client was reacting to are the for-sale signs he is seeing in front of the vacant properties and foreclosures a short distance from his home. His impression is that the agents who list the ...