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Real estate social media on autopilot

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I may be in over my head. It occurred to me today that no one is driving my social media bus. It started yesterday when I received a Twitter message. The advanced users call these "tweets," but I am having a really hard time using the term seamlessly and straight-faced in a sentence. My children are already in therapy over my Facebook page; to start talking about "tweets" and "twits" in public and at my age would put them over the edge. So, the Twitter message I got said something about hoping I was serving food at my open house. Huh? My only plans for the day involved meeting a stager and preparing a comparative market analysis (CMA). The only message I had posted this particular morning was related to a Web site formatting issue I was having. But being a good little networker and not wanting to appear antisocial to my Twitter friend, I feigned a knowing response, something like, "I can't afford to serve food because I am saving up for a ...