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Diary of a Real Estate Rookie: Roadmap to Recovery

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Editor's note: Inman News is embarking on a major editorial project to examine how the real estate industry should and will look in coming years. Click here to find out how you can participate in this "Roadmap to Recovery." There's a biblical story about seven abundant years and seven years of famine, and, collectively, we forgot to read it. We're all at fault, really. As a nation, we did not invest the profits from the good times in new roads and bridges, or in spending that would have bettered America and created new jobs; instead, we spent them on a disastrous war. As individuals, those of us who profited from the boom (which is pretty much most of us, because even if you're middle-class and your real wages didn't grow, chances are that you've got a nicer TV than you had eight years ago, and a better phone) did not save for a rainy day the way we should have. However, that's all whiskey under the bridge -- or as Buckaroo Banzai would say, "Wherever you g...