The escrow headache

Why won't lender let borrower handle property taxes, insurance?

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DEAR BENNY: Why does one have to pay monthly insurance payments in escrow to the lender? Also, after having paid this payment in escrow for five to six years, why can't this be cancelled? --Marcelle DEAR MARCELLE: First, let me express my personal view. I dislike the concept that homeowners have to pay money into a lender's escrow account, on a monthly basis, so that lenders can pay the real estate tax and the yearly insurance premium. While lenders claim this is to protect their security, the reality is that lenders make a lot of money on these escrow accounts. At the very least, lenders should be required to pay interest on the moneys they are holding. I have had a number of clients who have complained that despite the fact that the lender is escrowing, the real estate tax was not paid. I don't think this is deliberate, but with lenders selling their loans all over the country, many lenders just do not know where to send in the tax payments -- or even when such payments ...