Don’t pay off entire mortgage with extra cash

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DEAR BENNY: I am confused about paying off our mortgage on our primary home or on a secondary home/rental. My husband is totally against paying off either loan, even though we could pay off at least one of the mortgages. Our home mortgage has 10 years left at 5.25 percent interest and the other is a 30-year at 5.75 percent interest. One of my girlfriends says you should definitely get your mortgages paid off, and yet another person who has his own business and is in his fifties says he is going to get the longest (30- to 50-year) mortgage he can get on his next home. I don't know what to do. I would feel much more secure personally if we had one of the mortgages paid off, especially our primary. I must say though that we may sell in the next couple of years and move our primary home to Florida. This is where the second home is. --Cynthia DEAR CYNTHIA: You have asked perhaps the most difficult questions in residential real estate: Should I pay off my mortgage? And if so, w...