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Behind the scenes at Clean Offer

Factory Tour

SAN FRANCISCO -- San Francisco's Financial District is bustling: Consumers walk briskly clutching shopping bags; white-collar workers are rushing to get their morning coffee fix; construction workers and the sounds of their trade fill the air; and the usual group of panhandlers hits up the crowd for some spare change. Overlooking this flurry of shoulder-to-shoulder foot traffic is the historic Hobart Building, a terra cotta building with a marble-finished interior that is the work of renowned architect Willis Polk. Clean Offer, a real estate service that allows consumers to access detailed property information through connections with subscribing real estate professionals, occupies an office on the 16th floor. The company refers to its offering as a "Client Relationship Management Tool," as it does not operate an open-to-the-public property-search Web site. Employees dressed in collared, button-up shirts and slacks are seated at desks. Clean Offer runs with a slim ...