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Creating an Internet identity

Realtor Notebook

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People seem to believe what they see on the Internet. In the Web 2.0, where everyone has a say, the Internet can work for us or against us. My sense is that in 2009 we will all need to make sure it is working for us and we will need to take charge of it. When it comes to personal marketing, we are no longer in control of the message. Consumers can rate Realtors on Web sites and they don't even need to tell us who they are. People can read what others have written about us, they can search for us through Google and find out all kinds of things, and even find pictures of us enjoying a drink with our friends at a party. For the real estate professionals who have chosen not to have a strong online presence, one is being created for them by others. It may be on a real estate company web site where there is a gray silhouette or for-sale sign where an agent's face should be. Where the carefully crafted bio should be there is a canned message that mostly promotes the real estate co...