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A flight to real estate quality

Roadmap to Recovery Q&A: Kirsten Mohan, Part I

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Editor's note: As a part of the Roadmap to Recovery editorial project, Inman News is calling for our audience to help chart a course for the future of the real estate industry by participating in surveys, essays, audio conferences, and Q&A and Inman Community discussions. Click here for details. The following is a Q&A with Kirsten Mohan, a Seattle-area real estate agent and marketing specialist (click here to read Part II: "Don't scrimp on marketing during downturn"): Q: How will the real estate industry be different when we recover from the current downturn? A: I think that when we recover, and as we recover, we'll see a return to quality after years of mediocrity. This will happen primarily because a more educated consumer base will demand better service from the industry and real estate agents in particular. Advances in technology and sites such as Zillow have driven traditional real estate brokerages to share more and more information via the Internet. ...