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Pollyanna and the rosemary plant

Diary of a Real Estate Rookie

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Last year I was full of optimism. My New Year's resolution for 2008 was to relax more and work less, and yet I was sure I would have a good year. My prediction came true, and I worked smarter, and some deep relationships paid off, and I had my best year in the business ever. For this year, I'm not pessimistic (which compared to the rest of America makes me an incredible Pollyanna) but I'm not chock-full of confidence, either. My market is just entering the downturn, and although I think it will be more of a stall for us than a plunge off the cliff, I do believe the experts who say that the downturn will last between two and four years. What's a salesperson to do with that? So I'd say the watchword of the year is "sustainable." What business can I build, even low-level business, that will repeat? What investments of my time can I make that I'm willing to commit to, month in and month out? I am something of a cook -- time is not plentiful so we eat plenty of pizza i...