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Use your network as a support net

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Business slows down a bit over the holidays but it usually picks up fairly quickly at the beginning of the year. I am already getting calls from people who want to put their homes on the market after the holidays and will be very busy this January. During the holidays I have had a little extra time to network and to connect with people. I have rediscovered the value of networking. Most of my networking starts on the Internet, but it doesn't end there. The value that I have rediscovered is that I can help others in my network. During these recessionary times people need help and are reaching out more than ever. Sometimes I can help because the people in my networks know people, too. One of my clients called me to let me know that he needs to sell one of his condos. We got to talking. I asked him how his business is doing. He needs more work. As luck would have it, I had a conversation with someone earlier in the day with someone who was looking for my client's skills. I int...