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Experts predict major change for MLSs

More fact than fiction in national MLS predictions, say panelists

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NEW YORK -- The idea of a national multiple listing service has moved out of the realm of science fiction and into the realm of serious discussion. "I think it's only the political constraints and the human constraints that keep that from happening," said David Charron, president and CEO for Metropolitan Regional Information Systems, the largest multiple listing service in the United States. MRIS serves about 55,000 real estate professionals in the Mid-Atlantic region. "The idea of a national MLS, a national aggregation of data, I think is a wonderful thing," said Charron, speaking Thursday during a panel at the Real Estate Connect conference titled, "A New Looking MLS: What's the MLS of the Future Going to Look Like?" "I think there are a lot of ways to get to it. I think there are a lot of grassroots efforts that are happening around the country right now. Some of them take a little bit longer." But if the patchwork system of loca...