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FrontDoor launches City Guides

Site adds reviews, amenities maps, videos, stats

Learn the New Luxury Playbook at Luxury Connect | October 18-19 at the Beverly Hills Hotel, a real estate search and information portal affiliated with HGTV, today announces the launch of a City Guides section with a range of city-focused multimedia information. The city-focused, consumer-focused online "guides" contains articles, user reviews of local haunts and hangouts, demographic statistics, interactive maps that can display a range of local amenities, photos shared via the Flickr site, and videos produced by TurnHere, in addition to the option for a standard property search. There are 21 city areas now featured in City Guides, with plans to bring the total to 50 by the end of March, said Rich Lacy, vice president and site director for The City Guides represent "the very first stages of a larger project," said Lacy, and there is an eventual goal to provide content down to the neighborhood level in some select areas and to offer expanded information for about 28,000 city areas. The residents of a given area are ...