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Barber pole branding

The Davison Files

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What comes to mind when you see a barber pole? An old geezer running a blade across a leather strap. A hot towel, thick foam and a close shave. Clubman. Checkerboard floors. A great place to whack a Mafia Don. The local barbershop was Americana, right up there with the greasy spoon coffee shop and the Rexall drug store -- endeared by all who frequented them. But over the decades, the love waned. As new competitors grew into the marketplace, these establishments remained still in their own murky waters of services, anchored to old ways and failing to navigate their brands to the new currents of change. Over time, despite the full array of services they offered, they drifted from the fabric of our culture, replaced by TRESemme, Paul Mitchell, Fantastic Sams, CVS and Starbucks -- "interlopers." The older institutions suffered at the hands of their own neglect, compounded by their inability to convey the value they offered, the full services they provide...