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Regardless of what type of hardware you are using, it's important to keep it running in tip-top shape. Here are four key ways to achieve maximum performance from your hardware in 2009. 1. Make sure you're using a cell phone with a full computer-style keyboard At Triple Play last month, I did a seminar called "Why Didn't You Just Text Me?" Although the session focused on generational differences, we had eight agents who had never sent a text message. Before the session began, I offered to help them send their first text message. What I did not anticipate was that seven of eight agents had the traditional phone keyboard with just 10 numbers. If you wanted to use letters, you had to hit "shift" and then hit the appropriate button one, two or three times to get the letter you want. No wonder text messaging seemed incredibly difficult! If your cell phone doesn't have a keyboard like the one on your computer, upgrading your phone will save you both time an...