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Beating the foreclosure scam artists

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Real estate professionals are not always trusted and respected by consumers. We are salespeople and it seems like we have to work extra hard with some consumers to establish trust. The current economic crisis has given us an opportunity to establish trust with consumers, who have a huge need for education. I can read the terms they use in the search engines to find my Web sites. The word "foreclosure" keeps coming up and people type in search strings that are questions about foreclosures and questions about foreclosure prevention. A couple of years ago I wrote a short, simple post on the foreclosure process in Minnesota. I did it as a public service and today it is the post that gets the most traffic. The post that explains what a short sale is comes in second. When we don't take the time to educate consumers, others do it for us. My son recently gave me a letter that is being sent to homes in neighborhoods with high foreclosure rates. The letter is from a company ...