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Blog your war stories

From The Notorious R.O.B. blog

After a recent Lucky Strike Social Media Club dinner -- the very first one, as a matter of fact, in which the club was formed -- I had the pleasure of riding in a car with ... Sarah Bandy (Twitter "@sarahbandy") and Perri Feldman (Twitter "@perrifeldman"), two New Jersey-based Realtors who are just a joy to be around. As we were rolling down the New Jersey Turnpike, Sarah and Perri started telling tales from showings that went akimbo and other war stories. After I got done getting off the floor from laughing too hard, I said to them, "You know, forget about blogging market data and whatever else you're doing. Blog those war stories instead." Five reasons why Realtors should focus their blogging on "war stories": Entertainment First, war stories are fun. Sarah's story about the homeowner whose cat was on the toilet doing what humans typically do on toilets during a showing drew howls of laughter from me. Perri's tale of the one showing s...