Is competition-bashing fair game?

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Editor's note: This industry commentary, originally published at Clean Slate, the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate corporate blog, is republished here with permission by the author, company CEO Sherry Chris. By SHERRY CHRIS Throughout my career I have always prided myself in acknowledging the competition. After all, this is an industry where we coexist in a very unique way. Through years spent recruiting agents and building teams I've found that agents are motivated and inspired by positive attributes, such as the strength of a company, its market share, the tools and training they will be exposed to, and most importantly the overall culture. I have never witnessed an agent lean toward an opportunity based solely on negative recruitment tactics that include exaggerating a competitor's weaknesses or criticizing their products or services. Sadly, right now, we are seeing what I would call epic levels of "competition-bashing" taking place within our industry -- v...