Jobless but on the hook for rent

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Q: A month ago my adult daughter signed a one-year lease for her own apartment. She recently lost her job. Unemployment will cover only about half the rent. The landlord said she will have to pay rent until it is re-rented. What if it takes a long time and my daughter can't afford to pay? What can happen? --Diane N. A: These days, your daughter's situation isn't unique, by any means. Both residential and commercial landlords are hearing from tenants who have lost their jobs or whose business revenues are drastically off. True, these tenants have leases and are contractually obliged to pay the rent. But in practice, landlords and tenants often work out a way that will keep the tenant in the building and some rent flowing to the landlord. First, understand that your daughter's landlord has it right when saying that your daughter will owe rent for the balance of the lease until the apartment re-rents. In most states, landlords are legally required to use reasonable efforts to ...