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MLS security: the rhythm of typing

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By MAUREEN WILKEY Think no one is watching you when you share passwords or security tokens to allow others to access your multiple listing service? Think again. While many real estate companies are monitoring online clicks and cursor time as helpful metrics tools to gauge which listings are most popular or which neighborhoods might be taking off, some technologies are taking aim at unauthorized use of MLS accounts. AdmitOne Security has developed a technology that cues in on a user's unique typing "signature," based on that user's keystroke rhythm. The technology can detect an interloper if the typing patterns don't synch with the user ID. "You and I typing the same thing will do it in a different rhythm," said Matt Shanahan, senior vice president of marketing and strategy with AdmitOne. "So we can tell if more than one person is on the account, even if they're accessing it from the same computer." The company also has more basic security tool...