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Presenting picture-perfect property photos

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I have more than a passing interest in photography. It is a serious hobby and a big part of my life. I take my own property shots, which is something I don't recommend for other agents unless they have more than a passing interest. Most of my clients have seen my work and they expect me to take the photos. With my last two listings I thought I would try something different to really make the photos stand out. I used a process called high dynamic range, or HDR for short. The process involves combining three to five photos of the same scene with different light values into one photo. Most any camera can be used for the photographs, and I use a software program called Photomatix that cost about $100 to combine the images in the HDR process. There are other software programs available, too. The end result is a photo with a tonal range that goes beyond what appears in a normal photo. The process can enhance images to show the view outside of a home's windows, for example, instead...