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Diary of a Real Estate Rookie

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Rupert Everett thinks I need new shoes. This is not just something I made up to justify a shopping spree to my husband; it's a quote from a profile of him in the New York Times magazine. Actually the quote is, "I think a Realtor should have good shoes, especially in this climate," and it comes sandwiched in between an inappropriate joke about chemotherapy (not that I can think of an appropriate one) and a remark that an apartment is a bit "family-ish." Everett's search for a rental property and his acerbic interactions with real estate professionals are in the context of a larger article that talks about how Everett's acting career (he was in "My Best Friend's Wedding," remember?) has suffered because he's gay and has been a victim of prejudice. Now trying to get past the obvious questions like, "Wow, if Rupert Everett won't choose his words carefully, doesn't he a least have a publicist who can at least make sure he doesn't sound bratty an...