Tenant loses in new lease deal

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Q: I've been renting my house for about two years. At first, I had a year's lease, and when that was up, I stayed on as a month-to-month tenant. Two days before the end of the month, the landlord came over with a yearlong lease at a higher rent, set to begin on the first of the next month, and asked me to sign. I did, and paid the higher rent a couple of days later, but now I want to get out of the lease. Because he didn't give me adequate notice, do I have the right to get any rent back, or to break the lease? --Pat G. A: When your landlord came to visit, what he was really doing was terminating your month-to-month tenancy and asking you to sign a lease for a new tenancy. In most states, tenants are entitled to 30 days' notice when landlords terminate a monthly tenancy. Had your landlord done things right, he would have given you a termination notice, effective in 30 days (or whatever the notice period is in your state), and also handed you a lease, to begin in 31 days, a...