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Re: 'Economic bust plays on emotions' (March 11) Dear Editor: As a Realtor and more importantly a human being, I tell people when they have lost everything -- their house, their job, and they are so upset and don't know what to do -- "So what? Start over. You're fine and you will be fine." I explain to them how the system is messed up. I explain, "If you would have been able to keep the house you would owe $300,000 more on it than the new neighbor just purchased his for. "Let's face it, the credit-scoring system is messed up. You're more than a number -- you're a good person." If these human beings who felt worthless now feel better and have hope, my job is worth more than any sale at any dollar amount. Jenniffer Quinn Realtor Nuevo, Calif. *** What's your opinion? Leave your comments below or send a letter to the editor. To contact the writer, click the byline at the top of the story. ...