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IPhone spurs app revolution

Part I: Smart phones mobilize real estate

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Editor's note: This is the first of a two-part series on how advances in mobile-phone applications tailored for real estate are changing the way consumers and real estate professionals conduct home searches and transactions. Part 1 looks at how Apple's iPhone has revolutionized mobile phone applications by harnessing the power of independent developers. Part 2 explores smart-phone adoption by consumers and real estate professionals, and how the industry is putting the iPhone, other smart phones, and older technology to use.New mobile-phone applications tailored for real estate are moving beyond for-sale property searches and into areas once reserved for personal computers, such as lead generation and management, market research and analysis, and customer relationship management.As is often the case in the fast-moving world of technology, yesterday's dazzling breakthrough -- the ability to access listings on the go using a mobile phone -- is becoming the norm. Now consumers and real est...