Inherit home, refi immediately?

Couple fears lender's due-on-sale clause

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DEAR BENNY: My husband and I inherited a home from my husband's uncle who passed away a few weeks ago. Will the lender expect us to refinance the home or can we just assume it even if it is a conventional loan? --Karen DEAR KAREN: Unless the existing loan was from a private person, it is most likely covered under the Garn-St. Germain Depository Institutions Act of 1982. This federal law puts restrictions on the ability of a lender to exercise the "due on sale" clause that exists in most mortgages (also called deeds of trust). One of these restrictions reads as follows: "With respect to a real property loan secured by a lien on residential real property containing less than five dwelling units, including a lien on the stock allocated to a dwelling unit in a cooperative housing corporation, or on a residential manufactured home, a lender may not exercise its option pursuant to a due-on-sale clause upon ... (5) a transfer to a relative resulting from the death ...