Lost in the crowd

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Editor's note: The following guest article, by Jim Cronin, is republished with permission from the Real Estate Tomato blog.I am so proud of the real estate industry. You've come so far. In the latter half of the 1990s, as the Internet promised to be a modern Gold Rush, curiously, Realtors showed little interest. It wasn't until just recently that a Realtor's personal Web site was accepted as an obligatory expense. The irony is that now it has little chance of being effective. But today, I actually have faith in the real estate agent's embrace of the Internet as an effective marketing tool. As much as the $500 brochure Web site of yesteryear catered to the ego of the Glamour Shots agent, it failed to jibe with their gregarious nature. Affable and outgoing agents couldn't recognize any immediate relevance to their obvious business model: network, network, network. Yet now, with the rise of social media, Realtors are feeling much more at home online, recognizing the opportunity ...