Plumbing overhaul worth every penny

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Q: I'm a regular reader of your column and was hoping you could help me. I live in a two-unit building built in San Francisco in 1941. It still has the original galvanized plumbing. My upstairs neighbor and I have been told that our water pressure problems (we can't shower when anything else using water is running) would be solved if we replaced the galvanized plumbing with copper. Also, we would like to remodel our kitchens (we don't have dishwashers) and have been told that we wouldn't get the full benefit of new appliances with old plumbing. Is what we've been told true? We've had several contractors and plumbers talk to us about replacing the plumbing. The latest contractor told us we'd basically have to replace our kitchens and bathrooms because they'd have to tear into so many walls to replace the plumbing. Do you think that's true and would it be worth it? Any suggestions as to whom we should talk to about this and get good feedback? A: In short: Yes, the old pipes ...