Resenting ‘Home Affordable’

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Editor's Note: Inman News is pleased to introduce "House Keys," a new weekly column about homeownership by veteran real estate writer Marcie Geffner. "House Keys" offers a fresh look at today's changing images and perceptions of homeownership through current news events and personal stories. For information about publishing this column on your Web site or in print, contact Elaine Baker: (510) 658-9252 ext. 128. Do you and the other homeowners in your neighborhood help one another? Sure, you do. After all, you're neighbors, right? And that's what neighbors and homeowners do: We help one another. Perhaps you let your neighbor borrow your lawn mower or snowblower when his was in the shop or maybe you came to the door when your neighbor realized she was one egg short in the middle of a favorite cookie recipe. Perhaps you brought in your neighbors' mail and fed their cat while they visited their out-of-state relatives. Maybe you helped your neighbor's son wit...