Breaking lease over ‘inconvenient move’

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Q: We're tenants in a condominium complex, where we've lived for a couple of months. We have just learned that the complex has settled a big lawsuit with the builders, which will mean we'll need to temporarily move out while workmen repair water damage to the ground floor and garage that was caused by years of leaks and seeps. Although the owner will give us some relief with the rent, he won't let us out of our lease, which we've asked for (we'd rather move out once and be done with it). Do we have any legal grounds to break the lease? --Vicky and Sam S. A: The answer to your question turns on whether the owner should have told you about the pending lawsuit and the underlying problem before you signed the lease. Many states require landlords to disclose specific information to applicants, such as the details of any shared utility arrangements, any pending suit to foreclose or notice of default under a trust deed or mortgage, and the existence of any outstanding code violati...