Tenants with privileges draw ire

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Q: I live in a 12-unit apartment complex. Five of the units are occupied by the owner's employees. The rest are regular tenants like me. But the employee-tenants have special privileges, like access to the laundry room, keeping a pet, parking in the inside lot, and the right to mount satellite dishes. Is this legal? --Nancy V. A: With one exception, your landlord's policies towards the favored few are probably legal, although annoying. The fact that the lucky ones are employees of the owner is irrelevant to our answer -- what you're dealing with here is simply a group of tenants who have a better deal than the rest of you. Before we get to that exception, let's be sure that your lease didn't promise you the very things that you don't have. If the lease referred to use of the laundry room, or if it was part of the tour you got before moving in, that implicitly made use of the facility part of the deal. Ditto for parking -- if the lease mentioned use of the lot, or you had us...