Hoping for a renters’ insurance miracle

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Q: When my tenants moved out leaving the place a mess, I hired a handyman to do some cleaning and repairs. While doing the work, he fell through the floor, which had become spongy with rot. Apparently, the pipes had been leaking for some time, and the tenants never told me. My helper has medical bills and missed a couple of weeks of work. He has no insurance, and thinks he can be covered by my insurance policy. But it just occurred to me -- these tenants had renters' insurance. Because they caused the problem during their tenancy, aren't they (and their insurance policy) responsible for the results of their carelessness? --Dan P. A: One thing for sure you'll learn from this sad experience: Never hire someone without making sure they have their own insurance. When you hire a firm that has its own employees, you know that the firm must carry workers' comp insurance, but you should always ask to see the policy, just to make sure. People who work for themselves and have no emp...