Hurricane strips owners of rental rights

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DEAR BENNY: I purchased a condo in Florida in 1990. I lived there for 17 years, and then moved with the assumption that I would be able to rent it, as was the case all the time. After Hurricane Charlie, the board said that the insurance company was going to charge too much of a premium if we had rental units. Only if your unit was rented at the time of this ruling could you rent it, and when the leases ran out, it could be rented for only four months in a calendar year. Is this allowed for original owners? We knew circumstances might change in our life, and that is why we bought it. Your opinion is greatly appreciated. --Kathleen DEAR KATHLEEN: Generally, I do not like to identify the state in which the question came from, since my column is general in nature. In this case, however, I have to reference the state of Florida, because of the hurricane. My response is applicable to any situation where the insurance company tries to dictate policies and procedures to the associ...