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Realtor bashing a popular pastime

Consumers, agents expose incompetence in real estate

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Realtor bashing has become a favorite pastime for many people both online and offline. Are their comments really justified? This month I began a new consumer column for Inman News. I was curious to see what types of consumer questions were being asked on sites such as Trulia and Zillow. While the Trulia crowd appeared relatively tame, I was surprised by a post at Zillow -- with more than 2,000 views -- that proclaimed, "Realtors are like vultures." When someone asked how to find a competent Realtor, a few commenters provided useful suggestions while several slammed Realtors -- one even suggested that they are so unprofessional that you should choose one based upon "who lies the best." Another Zillow post, with 2,400 page views, suggested that anyone who didn't think prices were going to go back to 1997 levels was delusional. The comments went on to say that Realtors are interested only in the money they're making and that they could care less about the fact...