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Economic climate prime for home gardens

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Oregano and chives. Those are the only two plants in my backyard. There are also two fruit trees, which produce abundant crops of plums and apricots in midsummer, and there was a lemon bush that I managed to kill a few years ago, possibly because I don't really like lemons all that much except in pies and on fish fillets. But plenty of other homeowners have planted much more ambitious gardens of herbs, vegetables and berries on their property. Indeed, the opportunity to grow your own food is one of the many joys and privileges of being a homeowner. That's not to suggest that a patio or window box garden can't be sufficient and satisfactory, but rather, that only homeowners can experience the extra thrill of planting small crops of their favorite foods on their own land. Vegetable and herb gardens are good. They're pleasant places in which to muck about; they're wholesome and healthy; they can be economical; and they remind us that vegetables originally come from the ground, n...