Real estate 'experts' book 'hit and miss'

Book Review: 'The Real Book of Real Estate'

Because I casually follow him on Twitter and elsewhere, the publication of Robert Kiyosaki’s latest, "The Real Book of Real Estate," had been a blurry blip on my mental radar screen for some time, so I was interested to lay hands on it. Very quickly, it became apparent that the thick book was not, as I’d expected, a mid-career or post-bubble revisitation of his original classic, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad." Rather, it was a compilation of article/chapters by 22 other real estate personalities. I use the term personalities because, well, neither "expert" nor "charlatan" would fit all of the contributors.

What an assortment of folks! You’ve got real experts, like Garrett Sutton, who is an attorney who has both pioneered and mastered asset protection for real estate investors, and you’ve got infomercial investing pioneer Carleton Sheets, of "No Money Down" fame (or infamy, as the case may be).