Product review:

Reviewer: Anita S. Crum

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Reviewer: Anita S. Crum Product: 1. Ease. Is it easy to use for real estate professionals? For real estate consumers? How steep is the learning curve? The site is relatively easy to use for both real estate professionals and consumers. It only takes a few minutes to navigate around the site and identify the pertinent information. Strengths: The ability to search for properties by map is great feature and very easy to use. Another nice, and easy to use feature is the ability to save the specific properties for later review or download. Weaknesses: The overall appearance is somewhat crowded. Having to enter a security code repeatedly to see property details is annoying and time consuming. Numeric rating, from zero to 100 (zero is the worst and 100 is the best): 90 Explanation for rating: The initial search features and results page are easy to use and provide good information. The actual property result page is clutter with a lot of links to &q...