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Being there beats texts, tweets

Realtor Notebook

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There was a time before the telephone and the Internet when people wrote letters to each other to communicate remotely, or they spoke in person. Communication was slower than it is today, but people talked to each other. Today, communication is lightning fast. From a business perspective, it is wonderful. This week I talked via webcam with some homebuyers who are living in New Zealand but will be moving to Minnesota, and on Sunday I helped complete a project with someone who lives in another state. We used e-mail to send a document back and forth, and we talked on the phone a couple of times. When I travel it is easy to stay in touch. I send messages to friends, family and clients. Some do not even know that I am traveling because I can do my job remotely. The Internet and cell phones make life much easier but there is a downside. The boundaries between work time and play time are blurred and I sometimes feel too accessible. My contact information is all over the Internet a...