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Secrets of a master negotiator

Top tips from real estate broker Tim Burrell

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Negotiation is the No. 1 skill that you need in real estate to succeed. Are you ready to master the secrets of becoming a master negotiator? Whether you are a newbie or a 30-year real estate veteran, growing your negotiation skills is one of the best ways to improve your conversion ratio and to close more business. In his book, "Create a Great Deal," Tim Burrell provides the strategies you need to maneuver through virtually any tough real estate negotiation. Here are some of Burrell's top tips. 1. Trust is paramount How do you establish trust in a negotiation situation? There are three key steps: Listen, ask questions, and let the clients be in control of the process. Outline their options (including not accepting the offer) and allow them to decide which option is best for them. 2. Get something in return Some negotiators constantly grind the other party to obtain concessions. To break this pattern, when you make a concession ask, "If we do that for yo...